College of Engineering and Computing Graduate Faculty

Several categories of graduate faculty exist at George Mason University. Current Mason tenured and tenure-track faculty are automatically granted active graduate faculty status and maintain that status throughout their employment as tenure-line faculty. Please see the list of CEC’s tenured and tenure-track graduate faculty below. CEC and Provost-appointed non-tenured/tenure-track graduate faculty can be found in the database located on the Provost’s Office website.

Meet the College of Engineering and Computing Tenured and Tenure-Track Graduate Faculty

  • Computer Science Associate Professor Ethan Ahn

    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, Computing Hardware, Energy Harvesting and Storage, Biomedical Devices
  • IST associate professor Massimiliano Albanese

    Associate Professor / Tenured Associate Chair for Research, Department of Information Sciences and Technology - Associate Director, Center for Secure Information Systems

    Research Interests: AI & ML, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Education Technology, Health Informatics, Human-Centered Computing, and Smart Communities
  • Mehdi Darehbidi wears a dark suit, striped tie, and glasses in his faculty profile for the Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Research Interests: Fatigue and Fracture, electrochemistry and corrosion, computational materials, reliability, thermodynamics and heat transfer, failure mechanics.
  • Mason associate professor Paul Ammann

    Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

    Research Interests: Software Engineering
  • Mason CS assistant professor Antonios Anastasopoulos

    Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

    Research Interests: Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Mason Cyber Security Engineering assistant professor Tanvir Arafin

    Assistant Professor, Department of Cyber Security Engineering

    Research Interests: Hardware Security, Memory Systems
  • Mason bioengineering professor Giorgio Ascoli

    Distinguished University Professor, Department of Bioengineering

    Research Interests: Investigating the relationship between brain structure, activity, and function from the cellular level to the circuit level
  • Mason CYSE professor Giuseppe Ateniese

    Professor and Eminent Scholar, Department of Cyber Security Engineering and Department of Computer Science

    Research Interests: Cloud Security, Cybersecurity, and Applied Cryptography
  • Mason assistant professor Johnathan Auerbach wears a white, collared-shirt and has brown hair and a beard in his faculty profile

    Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics

    Research Interests: Data science, causal inference, survey methods, longitudinal data, official statistics, open data, citizen science/crowdsourcing/participatory government, urban analytics, public policy.
  • Mason CS professor Hakan Aydin

    Professor, Department of Computer Science

    Research Interests: Computer Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Real-Time and Embedded Systems, Power-Aware Computing, Fault Tolerance