As more of the world's business goes online, digital information has become a primary target, and demand for cybersecurity experts continues to rise. Our deep roots in technology and close ties with government and industry make our graduates highly valued.

We break down silos. Our cybersecurity education and research feature multiple fields of study that extend beyond technological requirements. Study includes a broad array of programs in multiple departments.

CCI Lab 2

The Commonwealth Cybersecurity Initiative (CCI) Living Innovation Lab at Mason Square houses state-of-the-science equipment for research and training the next generation of cyber defenders. Students work closely with funded researchers and industry experts.

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Ron Aria/George Mason University

Our programs are built to secure the next wave of tech

An urgent need exists for a workforce with advanced technical skills in everything related to security and communications. the CEC's computing, IT, and engineering programs, with their emphasis on cybersecurity, prepare students to create and maintain crucial information systems that will protect our nation from cyber threats with innovative knowledge and effective tools.