Distance Education Programs

Get Your Education with Mason Online

The College of Engineering and Computing offers a variety of courses and degree programs online using distance education technology through Mason Online. 

Take the opportunity to earn a degree from a top-ranking institution without disrupting your routine to come to campus. With Mason Online, you will study the same course material, taught by the same professors, on the same timeline as on-campus students. Getting a top-quality education from an accredited university is more attainable than ever with undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering and information technology that fit into a busy work and family schedule.

A Common Wealth of Knowledge Available Through Cardinal Education

The Cardinal Education Program is a premier provider of high-quality post-baccalaureate engineering education for practicing engineers and scientists interested in maintaining and enhancing their skills.  

Get Started with Cardinal Education

Individuals enrolled as Cardinal Education students at a member institution are eligible to participate in the program through Mason. Mason students must file for approval through Mason Engineering administration before taking classes at another Cardinal Education institution. Mason requires prospective participants to request permission a minimum of 15 business days before the start of classes. 

Transfer of Credit

Students must take at least 50 percent of their courses from the school from which they will receive their degree. Transfer of all credit from courses offered from the other cooperating institutions is subject to prior approval by the student's graduate program advisor.

Submit your request

Start the process of registration and approval by emailing Mason Engineering Online at meo@gmu.edu. Please include your name, home institution, and desired course in your email.

Master's degrees offered through the Cardinal Education Program include:

George Mason University


MS in Telecommunications

MS in Computer Engineering

MS in Digital Forensics

MS in Computer Science

MS in Cyber Security Engineering

MS in Applied Information Technology

MS in Statistical Science

MS in Data Analytics Engineering

MS in Systems Engineering




Old Dominion University


MS in Modeling and Simulation

Master of Engineering (ME) in Experimental Methods

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)




University of Virginia


ME in Chemical Engineering

ME in Civil Engineering

ME in Electrical Engineering

ME in Material Science and Engineering

ME in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

ME in Systems Engineering

Virginia Commonwealth University


MS in Computer Science

MS in Engineering with a Concentration in Electrical and Computer Engineering

MS in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering  

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

ME in Aerospace (non-thesis)

ME in Electrical and Computer Engineering

ME Administration (M.E.A.)

MS in Aerospace

MS in Ocean Engineering

MS in Systems and Industrial Engineering



Virginia State University

MS in Computer Science