The College of Engineering and Computing programs include information sciences and technology, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, systems engineering and operations research, civil, environmental, and infrastructure engineering, statistics, mechanical engineering, cyber security engineering, bioengineering, and data analytics engineering. Our faculty conducts research funded by the Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation. Plus, we build innovative robots that influence the future of technology and design.

Our Students Are Engaged and Prepared to Act 

Our students are well-rounded scholars who are creative, resourceful, and energetic. They are thinkers, explorers, and inventors. They see the world not as it is, but as the safer, more efficient, and more prosperous world it could be.  

Student Stats at a Glance

Total Headcount  10,884
Undergraduate  7,803
Graduate  3,032
% Full-time 73
% Part-time 27
% In State 72
% Out-of-State 28


*Current Fall 2023 data

A black, male professor stands in a classroom teaching students in front of him

Associate Professor Isaac Gang teaches master's students in the classroom about data analytics engineering.

Our Faculty Are Leaders in Their Fields

Our faculty are passionate researchers, dedicated scientists, and bold innovators. They have proven experience. They are trusted consultants for industry and government. They are engaged with their professional community. They are mentors and coaches. They are conscientious instructors with a vision for the future.

Student with safety goggles outdoors testing water levels/contaminants.
Knowledge put to the test

Innovation is all around us, and Mason students are expected to engage with the world in a way that responds to global challenges. On any given day, you can find our students exploring this important profession in hands-on activities that challenge them to build better solutions.