Office of Graduate Studies

Support at every step

The College of Engineering and Computing Office of Graduate Studies (CECGS) provides proactive CEC-wide leadership, supervision, guidance, and accountability for CEC graduate affairs.  

The Office works as a bridge for graduate affairs between CEC department-level responsibilities and university-level responsibilities with regard to: graduate student recruitment and admissions; graduate student advising, oversight, conflict resolution, and academic policy and program development and management. 

Office hours

Fall/Spring Semester In-Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday  & Thursday: 9am - 5 pm.

Summer/Winter In-Office hours: From the last day of class of the prior semester, to the first day of class of the coming semester: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 11 am to 5 pm

Virtual hours: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm; Thursday & Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

For graduate prospective student/application inquiries, contact: 

For current graduate student inquiries, contact: 

Our Departments

Departments in the college fall under two schools: the Volgenau School of Engineering and Virginia’s first-ever School of Computing.  

Each department offers additional support to graduate students with research opportunities, connections to industry and faculty, and advising and mentorship.  

To learn more about the admissions process, visit the graduate admissions page.

Our administration and staff can answer your questions and help you find what you need.

Graduate Academic Affairs

Kennedy Jane Channel (she/hers/her)

Administrative and Outreach Coordinator

Phone: 703-993-1504; Email:


Hugh Miller (he/him/his)

Coordinator, Graduate Academic Affairs

Phone: 703-993-1504; Email:


Jennifer Skorzawski-Ross (she/hers/her)

Senior Director, Graduate Academic Affairs

Phone: 703-993-1504; Email:

Graduate Admissions

Phyllis Johnson (she/hers/her)

Graduate Admissions and Virtual Operations Officer

Phone: 703-993-1512; Email:


Rachel Cameron (she/her/hers)

Graduate Recruitment Coordinator

Phone: 703-993-1512; Email:


Suddaf Ismail (she/hers/her)

Director, Graduate Admissions and Recruitment

Phone: 703-993-1512; Email: