Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

The College of Engineering and Computing offers an array of certificate, master’s, and doctoral degrees that can propel you to the next stage in your career. Choose from our list below of 20+ degrees to see how you can get started on your Mason path.

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Master of Science

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Applied Information Technology, MS*

The MS in Applied Information Technology is the very best graduate education in IT for high potential leaders, specially those working in IT solutions that affect federal government, industry or non-profit.

Bioengineering, MS

The MS in Bioengineering prepares students for research and professional practice in bioengineering and related fields.

Biostatistics, MS

The MS in Biostatistics allow students to specialize in the design and analysis of health-related and biological studies, while maintaining the rigor and technical training of the Statistical Science master’s program.

Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, MS

The MS in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering educates students in the theory and practice of civil engineering science and design, with a technical concentration.

Computer Engineering, MS

The MS in Computer Engineering involves knowledge of hardware and software development. Students learn how to design new generations of computers, as well as embedded computing systems, such as those found in smartphones, cards, appliances, computer network, smart factories, and internet-of-things.

Computer Science, MS*

The MS in Computer Science prepares students for research and professional practice in computer science and related technologies.

Cyber Security Engineering, MS

The MS in Cyber Security Engineering provides students with the rare combination of highly technical knowledge and skills, cyber security expertise, and a comprehensive systems engineering perspective.

Data Analytics Engineering, MS*

The MS in Data Analytics Engineering is a multidisciplinary degree program designed to provide students with an understanding of the technologies and methodologies necessary for data-driven decision-making.

Digital Forensics, MS

The MS in Digital Forensics addresses the collection, processing, and analysis of digital data for the purpose of verifying/validating the existence of an event of investigation, intelligence, cyber, or business interest.

Electrical Engineering, MS

Students in the MS in Electrical Engineering develop theoretical foundations, analytical capabilities, and practical hands-on skills in their chosen field of specialization.

Information Systems, MS (CS Track or IST Track)

The MS in Information Systems provides the theoretical knowledge and hands-on project experience needed to analyze, design, build, deploy, maintain, manage and promote effective organization use of modern information systems.

Operations Research, MS

The MS in Operations Research prepares students for research and professional practice associated with the formulation, analysis, and computer implementation of mathematical models for decision making.

Software Engineering, MS

The MS in Software Engineering prepares students to become leaders in engineering high quality, large scale, computing solution to real life problems.

Statistical Science, MS

The MS in Statistical Science focuses on the conversion of raw data into information. Students are trained in theory and practice of statistical methodology, particularly as it relates to high-technology applications.

Systems Engineering, MS*

The MS in Systems Engineering emphasizes both analytical and practical aspects of engineering complex systems.

Telecommunications, MS

The MS in Telecommunications offers a blend of cutting-edge practice-oriented courses in network engineering, cloud computing, wireless communications, and cyber security.

* Also available as fully online. Visit the Mason Online website for more information.

Doctor of Philosophy

Students interested in pursuing a doctoral degree from the College of Engineering and Computing are advised to elect area(s) of study/research interests when applying.