Undeclared and Undecided Advising

Undeclared and Undecided Engineering and Computing

Undecided Engineering and Computing

Why Undecided?

Choosing the temporary major of Undecided allows students to explore which major best fits their interests.

There are multiple reasons why a student could be undecided, but the most frequent answer is that they are seeking further information to make an informed decision.

If you have varied interests in engineering and computing but are unsure which you excel at or enjoy working with the most, consider exploring our Undecided Engineering and Computing.

Undecided Engineering and Computing students may need more time to:

  • Assess their own goals, interests, and abilities
  • Become aware of majors offered
  • Evaluate majors offered
  • Explore the job market
When do Undecided students declare a major?

Undecided students must declare a major within five fall/spring semesters. However, it is ideal if they have declared a major by the end of their second semester since that is when the majors start to diverge and have less common courses.

Undeclared Engineering and Computing

Why Undeclared?

Students are placed in the temporary major of CEC-Undeclared when they applied to a CEC major but did not meet the selective admission requirements of the major. Students also change to CEC-Undeclared while they are working towards meeting the criteria to declare a major different from their current major.

When do Undeclared students declare a major?

Undeclared students must declare a major within five fall/spring semesters. However, it is ideal if they have declared a major by the end of their third semester since upper level (300-400 level) major courses are restricted to declared majors.

Declaring a College of Engineering and Computing Major

Majors in the College of Engineering and Computing are selective admission majors. Therefore, students must meet certain criteria to be in a particular major. Students not admitted to a declared CEC major or students wanting to change from any other major (including other CEC majors) to a CEC major must meet the criteria established to declare that major. Find out more information regarding the criteria and declaration process.

The criteria to declare always involves completing a specific course or a set of courses and a specific GPA. Thus, students should utilize all university resources to ensure high academic performance to meet the criteria - resources such as Learning Services and Tutoring.

Academic Advisors & Appointments

The Undeclared and Undecided Academic Advisors in the College of Engineering and Computing advise Undeclared and Undecided Engineering and Computing students, as well as any student wanting to change their major into or within CEC.

Academic Advisors assist students with making decisions in addition to developing academic and career goals. Advisors also provide resources, answer questions, and help students interpret policies.

Preparing for an Advising Appointment

Students should prepare, in advance, for their advising appointment. The student-advisor relationship is collaborative. Therefore, advisors will not simply tell students what to do without students having researched on their own first. Follow the steps below before an appointment.

  1. Review the criteria to declare CEC majors
  2. Review the academic plan of the major of interest to know what courses are required 
  3. If needed, take the math placement test
  4. Check course prerequisites by searching courses in the catalog
  5. Check Degree Works for degree and Mason Core progress
  6. View the schedule of classes
  7. For course registration advising check your registration time ticket on Patriot Web. Make sure all holds are resolved prior to the registration date/time. 
Academic Advisors

Alison Bartnek

Alison Bartnek has been advising students for several years, working in elementary schools, high schools, and higher education before beginning as the CEC Undeclared/Undecided advisor at George Mason in January 2018. She earned a M.A. in School Counseling from Marymount University, and a B.A. in Psychology from James Madison University.

Nora Gerrity

Nora Gerrity (she/her) joined the CEC Undeclared/Undecided team in April 2022. She has a BA in Psychology, and she earned her Masters from Mason in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her favorite part of her job is helping students make a game plan to meet their goals. Her personal and professional mantra is "Strive for progress, not perfection."

Jess Ostrowski-Wright

Jessica Ostrowski-Wright (she/her) joined the CEC Undeclared/Undecided Advising Team in Spring 2022. She studied Psychology at James Madison University before coming to Mason to complete an M.A. in Global Affairs and a Graduate Certificate in Women & Gender Studies. She enjoys working with our new and returning students to help them make the most of their Mason experience!

*DaFran Ware

DaFran Ware (she/her) has been advising students for over 15 years in engineering majors at three universities. She earned a M.A. in Higher Education and B.A. in Psychology both, from George Mason University. *DaFran is only available a month prior to and during course registration times each semester. 

Schedule an Advising Appointment
  1. Click here: https://gmu.campus.eab.com
  2. Login with your NET I.D. and password
  3. Click the Get Assistance button.  
  4. Choose Academic Advising as your appointment type.
  5. Select College of Engineering and Computing Undeclared (or Undecided) Advising as your Service
    • If your major in Navigate is not CEC Undeclared or Undecided you must select “Advising Outside of your Major”  
  6. Pick a Date to see the list of available times of available Advisors.
  7. Select a time that works with your schedule.
  8. Type in the comment section what you want to discuss.
  9. Select Email and Text Message Reminder
  10. Click Schedule to finalize your appointment.


Drop-in Academic Advising

Drop-in virtual and/or in-person advising* is only offered at specific times of the semester. At all other times advising is by appointment only.

Spring 2024 Drop-ins

When: Thursdays  

Date: until April 25, 2024*

Time: 1:30-3:30pm 

Where: Virtual (see Navigate for Zoom Link) & In-Office (Rm 2500 Nguyen Engineering Building) 

Click to see the instructions to see advisor's drop-in dates and times.

*Drop-in means no appointment is needed. Students that come to drop-ins are seen in the order they arrive. Wait times can be long during course registration times. Plan accordingly.