Bioengineering, BS

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Department of Bioengineering

Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall, Suite 3100
MS 1J7
4400 University Drive,
Fairfax, VA 22030

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About the Program

This program combines scientific knowledge with engineering technology for the purpose of creating biomedical tools that can be implemented in clinical medicine and commercialized by industry partners. Engineering design experiences are built into each year of the curriculum culminating in a senior design project. The impact of engineering, technologies, and computer science on biomedicine is immense, and can only be harnessed through integrative multidisciplinary training in bioengineering. With the growing demand for better health care, the need for bioengineers is high. 

Students choose one of six concentrations from the list below: 

  • computational biomedical engineering
  • biomedical imaging and devices
  • biomaterials and nanomedicine
  • neurotechnology and computational neuroscience
  • bioengineering health care informatics
  • bioengineering prehealth

Program Opportunities

Students who earn a bachelor of science in bioengineering are highly sought after for positions in the biomedical industry and for admission to graduate school or medical school. Our students get involved in research throughout their entire undergraduate time. Our multidisciplinary training in bioengineering makes our graduates competitive for positions in biomedical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries, academia, and government. Mason bioengineers have been placed in some of the nation’s top medical schools and graduate schools.