Jair Ferrari

Mason associate professor Jair Ferrari
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Associate Professor, Department of Cyber Security Engineering

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Building: Research Hall
Email: jfeldens@gmu.edu


Jair Ferrari is an associate professor in the Department of Cyber Security Engineering. He will teach courses in Unmanned Air Systems Security (CYSE499/685/750), topics in Cyber Security Engineering, and Systems Engineering Principles (SYST 205). He does research in the C4I and Cyber Security Center in projects related to Unmanned Air Systems detection and simulation, C4I, and cybersecurity.

He received his PhD in Industrial Engineering from Concordia University. An MSc in Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. An MSc in Business Administration from Brasilia University and BASc from the Military Aviation at the Brazilian Air Force Academy.

Ferrari was a former Brazilian Air Force officer (Colonel), maritime patrol pilot, electronic warfare specialist, portfolio manager of aeronautical and defense research and development projects, coordinator, and instructor of electronic warfare courses. He was a researcher and teacher assistant in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial, and Aerospace Department of Concordia University.


  • Systems Engineering - Requirement Engineering and Analysis, Systems Architecture, Test and Evaluation Methods.
  • Cyber Security - Detection, Countermeasures and Protective Measures of Unmanned Aerial Systems; UAS Detection Network Architecture, Optimization, and Simulation.
  • C4I Systems - Tactical Optimization Planning of Aerial and Naval Operations; Electronic Warfare.
  • Business Administration - Quantitative Assessment of Customer Service Quality; Organizational Studies.


  • PhD, Industrial Engineering, Concordia University (Montréal, Canada) 
  • MSc, Systems Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, CA) 
  • MSc, Business of Administration, Brasilia University (Brasilia, Brazil) 
  • BASc, Military Aviation, Brazilian Air Force Academy (Pirassununga, Brazil)