Bioengineering, PhD

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Department of Bioengineering

Peterson Family Health Sciences Hall, Suite 3100
4400 University Drive, MS 1J7
Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone: 703-993-5846


About the Program

This PhD program is designed to prepare future leaders in bioengineering who solve problems in biology and medicine using technology. Regardless of whether they will eventually serve at universities, industry, or government, they will understand that new types of devices and processes resulting from advanced research not only need to be “better” but that they must be “cost-effective” to reach the public.

Students who enroll in this degree program may choose one of the four concentrations offered: 

  • Biomedical imaging and devices
  • Computational biomedical engineering
  • Biomaterials and nanomedicine
  • Neurotechnology and computational neuroscience

Program Opportunities

The small size of the program gives students opportunities to connect on a personal level with other students and faculty and engage in leading-edge research early on. While pursuing their degree, they will work in labs with faculty whose research is funded by organizations such as NIH and NSF and become an integral part of those research teams. The department’s research is multidisciplinary and collaborations exist locally, nationally, and internationally with schools at Mason, Inova Hospitals, the Children’s Hospital in DC, Veteran Hospitals, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, Helsinki University Hospital in Finland to name a few.