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The College of Engineering and Computing will provide your company with great opportunities to meet your hiring and research goals while improving our students’ valuable educational experiences.

Our corporate partners are companies that want to be visible and accessible to our engineering students and faculty. Partners get dedicated attention, connect with students and get introductions to our research faculty and centers.​

Explore how you can enhance your presence at Volgenau to meet your goals to:

Pathways to Support

Our corporate partners are companies who want to be visible and accessible to our engineering and computing students and faculty.

For more information contact Kira Woitek, Interim Director of Advancement.


Annual Engineering Youth Conference and the Annual Cyber Security Youth Conference
These conferences expose elementary, middle, and high school students to hands-on STEM activities to stimulate interest and excitement in STEM and engineering. Over 1,000 attendees are welcomed to participate.


Support a student run programming/design competition. For 24 hours, talented student developers meet to design a new product, process, or mobile app. Sponsors can assign the problem challenge or sponsor a faculty/student-designed challenge. Sponsors have the opportunity to observe potential talent at work.


The annual Undergraduate Research Celebration provides a venue for students to showcase their research and scholarly projects. Attendees include industry, community and university leaders, faculty, and students. Student work is judged by industry representatives, and cash prizes are awarded for outstanding scholarly work.


You can have a named scholarships awarded to students in the department of your choice. Have a scholarship named after you and provide support for deserving students.


Corporate Sponsors work with the faculty and students to develop a technical problem challenge. Students spend 1-2 semesters designing a solution. Sponsors participate in the review of the designs, and provide knowledge that assists in the design process. Students present findings at the conclusion of the project term.


By supporting student travel, you will enrich learning opportunities for engineering students. Awards cover the cost for undergraduate and graduate student travel to conferences to present papers and participate in competitions.


A faculty fellowship may be awarded to a distinguished faculty leader in the field of your choice. A faculty fellowship enables Mason to make competitive offers to outstanding faculty recruits or support retention of outstanding faculty. Faculty fellowships may be named by the sponsor. An Endowed Faculty Chair may be established at the $1,000,000 level.

Volgenau student presents capstone project
Sponsor a Sytems Engineering Capstone Project

Becoming a sponsor provides a low-risk recruiting opportunity and a chance to interact with students.

For more information contact Kira Woitek, Interim Director of Advancement.