Multidisciplinary Programs

Employers look for employees who can embrace change and flexibility, and a multidisciplinary degree shows you can approach situations from multiple perspectives.

The college has four distinct multidisciplinary programs: a BS in cyber security engineering, an MS in data analytics engineering, and a PhD in information technology.

Cyber Security Engineering, BS

By integrating areas of expertise (electrical engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, bioengineering, systems engineering, computer science, and statistics) the program teaches a proactive approach in engineering design of physical systems with cybersecurity incorporated from the beginning. Learn more.

Cyber Security Engineering, MS

The MS in Cyber Security Engineering will provide students with a currently rare combination of highly technical knowledge and skills, cybersecurity expertise, and a holistic systems engineering perspective. The program offers instruction on the systems and procedures for protecting critical physical and cyberinfrastructure from external threats, including terrorism. Graduates with this master’s degree will be prepared to design and implement secure complex and cyber-physical systems consisting of software, hardware, and networking components; respond to incidents involving these systems; develop offensive and defensive tools and techniques to attack and secure these systems.

See specific requirements in the catalog.

Data Analytics Engineering, MS

Graduates with a master’s degree in data analytics engineering are part of a new class of engineers that deploy an interdisciplinary approach of statistical science, computer science, systems analytics, and another field such as finance, marketing, business intelligence, operations research, geoscience, or bioscience. Learn more.

Data Analytics Engineering, MS (Online)

This online program provides students with knowledge and experience across a broad range of data analytics algorithms, tools, and processes, and focuses on a flexible and broad set of courses to be used by graduates for solving a wide range of real-world problems. Learn More. 

Information Technology, PhD

The PhD program in Information Technology allows students to conduct their doctoral research under the supervision of any eligible faculty member of any of the school's departments. Learn more.